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Jussi: :-/ for cheaters saying they did not cheat. As for RX-8, new one is faster, but old one is easier to drive. It depends on the track which one is better. Oct 21, 2014 23:02:08 GMT
un1que: For those interested? Oct 21, 2014 23:56:21 GMT
DerpyMail: Would love to, but you know... These are nice events tho. :P Oct 22, 2014 0:35:04 GMT
FasterthaMyou: i think Ronan abandoned the World wiki after he was banned. Oct 22, 2014 3:02:49 GMT *
Prosektikos: He indeed quit, but there are still people who administer it. Oct 22, 2014 16:08:49 GMT
Jussi: Tuner sale :P Oct 22, 2014 16:18:08 GMT
Chandrian: >bmw Oct 22, 2014 16:41:50 GMT
Chandrian: >tuner Oct 22, 2014 16:41:53 GMT
Chandrian: ??? Oct 22, 2014 16:41:56 GMT
Chandrian: Can you put Nissan S14 200SX on sale? that special jdm edition? Oct 22, 2014 16:43:34 GMT
tencha: wow i have all those cars :shock:, still waiting for GT2 997 to come in sale , forgot i dont have the RX-7 FD3S Oct 22, 2014 17:01:40 GMT *
RacerBest: finally, been waiting for Eclipse GS-T sale forever :D got it instantly (yes lame design i have no imagination) Oct 22, 2014 17:16:14 GMT *
Jussi: I wanted M3's to be included, sorry. , BMW is a tuner in Finland, right? At least it is often on the cover of magazine. Oct 22, 2014 17:30:43 GMT *
RacerBest: Yes, they are definitely euro tuner cars in my opinion Oct 22, 2014 17:46:36 GMT
Chandrian: people are saying gs-t has no bodykits. how's that I saw many people with the nfsu bodykit then? :S Oct 22, 2014 17:47:36 GMT
RacerBest: because the bodykit got removed in some update long ago :( Currently it has no bodykits, hoods or spoilers Oct 22, 2014 17:50:57 GMT
Chandrian: omg? then maybe jussi could ask the devs to get it back again? :D Oct 22, 2014 17:52:09 GMT
akira: Ramming morons in every single race till now. Annoying Oct 22, 2014 19:01:02 GMT *
DerpyMail: Tuners are not only japanese cars. Everything that is modified could be considered a tuner. Escort RS Cosworth is a tuner, Cobalt SS is a tuner, etc. Oct 22, 2014 20:51:06 GMT
dkasper0(pc): Just had someone with a name close to mine, but not, kind of threw me for a loop. Oct 23, 2014 4:01:32 GMT