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ianism: ^^ the eternal problem with circuit racing :D Jul 12, 2014 14:48:28 GMT
Jussi: My best laps so far are 2:12+ and 2:09+. If only I could repeat them in same race just once Jul 12, 2014 14:50:39 GMT
Jussi: I'll try again later. Too frustrated now to get any decent laps done at all. Jul 12, 2014 14:56:56 GMT
un1que: Ep 6 was just posted http://isrc2.proboards.com/post/35691/thread Jul 12, 2014 16:55:10 GMT
un1que: http://isrc2.proboards.com/post/35691/thread Jul 12, 2014 16:55:18 GMT
Jussi: What is this circuit curse? If I do 2:12.16 on the first lap, the second is 2:11+ and if I do 2:14 first, the second can be 2:09?! Jul 12, 2014 18:26:21 GMT
Jussi: Fuuuu... 2:11 first and second slower than that, oh why?!?!?!??+1+1+1!?!+11+?!?!?+ Jul 12, 2014 18:32:22 GMT
Aurmeilius: Ik how you feel; I screw my first lap then I get a great second lap ._. Jul 12, 2014 18:41:14 GMT
dkasper0(pc): try to regroup by doing something else in the game then return to it, this usually works for me. Jul 12, 2014 23:34:53 GMT *
ianism: i usually give up and try the next day. i haven't set any great times with ISRC in months though so .... *shrugs* Jul 13, 2014 0:18:09 GMT
un1que: So a cheater tried to enter my Revenge event having over 25000 powerups of evade and other outrageous amount lol "NFSUROS" anybody know him? Jul 13, 2014 12:25:21 GMT
TARTON: his way of speaking/expression itself suspects me lol nah don't remember blocking any auto-finishers who go by that nick, have to go through my blocked list in-game to know if I did but the game won't allow me as it crashes when I open them :/ Jul 13, 2014 16:19:33 GMT
DENghini: send a whisper to him and than click his name will say if blocked or not, and relax don't worry hastings will be easier :D Jul 13, 2014 16:31:10 GMT *
Niqht: Well, seems Germany won the worldcup Jul 13, 2014 21:38:39 GMT
Aurmeilius: Germany have won the WC 1-0 :D Jul 13, 2014 21:39:57 GMT
un1que: 4th time they won the cup :) they deserved it. Every game they played they played liek a boss lol Jul 13, 2014 23:05:45 GMT
AQ9: OMG, I just had my most perfect 1st lap in Country Club (2:09.23) but the second lap was horrible. :-/ Couldn't break 4:16. Well I guess I'll just keep my current time! Jul 13, 2014 23:21:00 GMT *
ianism: yep great game. too bad someone had to lose. argentina played just as well i felt Jul 13, 2014 23:38:22 GMT
dkasper0(pc): For b class, looks like a week for rosewood and lyons, central coast is damn near impossible to race sans powerups in single player due to the(R35). Jul 14, 2014 0:47:06 GMT
LamboGTR: Got a 4:19 in my second try with the CCX. Had many good first laps but bad 2nd laps ._. Jul 14, 2014 1:30:33 GMT *